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C-USA Football – 9 Game League Schedule

Conference USA is considering moving to a 9 game league schedule, according to the orlandosentinel.com.  During Conference USA’s football media day on Sunday, there was some talk that C-USA was fed up by not having any league teams represented in the BCS games.  The solution – more league play and a softer non-conference schedule.

C-USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky stated on Sunday, “We have talked about moving to a nine-game conference schedule”, however it will be difficult economically to do so.  The non-conference games against powerful opponents are the events that bring in the big money for C-USA.  Trying to abandon that method will be tough financially moving forward Banowsky said, “…It’s a difficult dynamic because there’s an economic factor associated with [it] and you have to balance it. You have to pay for your athletic programs and you to have a good season ticket for the fans. It’s challenging.”

There is no question that a softer non-conference schedule will help improve the chances of an undefeated season within the conference and hence a better overall record, but does it help the Tulane Football program? C-USA as a whole?

C-USA is not known as one of the power conferences in college football.  And to basically “trap” the conference’s teams to play against each other will bring down the quality and integrity of the conference.  By allowing its’ teams to play against powerful non-conference schools, the quality of the football will rise and the impact of a win will be much greater.

For example, a 7-6 (6-3) year looks great on paper.  Hypothetically, we finished 3 games above .500 in league play, with big wins over Houston and Rice.  However, I’d rather have a 6-7 (4-4) record with big wins against Rutgers and Ole Miss.

Wins against powerful programs will put the Green Wave on the map.  Big wins against big schools translates to a better foundation for years to come, with better recruits and more cash flow.  Granted, finishing 3 games above .500 would be great, a big step in the right direction for TU Football.  But I’d rather upset Ole Miss and Rutgers and finish at .500 in the conference.

Some food for thought for the future.

  1. andrew
    August 4, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    So you would rather go 6-7 and beat Ole Miss and NOT make a bowl game, than go 7-6 and qualify for a bowl game?

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